Life is full of stories. Stories make up our lives. Telling the best ones build up our children, young people, families and communities. They challenge our thinking, encourage us in the right direction and remind us about the most important things in life.

Creation Films has produced documentaries for New Zealand and international television, music videos and short films for the Australasian DVD market, and is now working with the Inspired Film Fund to develop it’s second ¬†feature film – Inheritance.

In 2006, the Creation Films team line-produced Wait Up Harriet. A 90 minute feature presently distributed by Echleon Studios in Los Angeles. Broadcast on television around the world and translated into two additional languages, its success has exceeded all expectations. Since then Creation Films has produced the documentary Jumping In Puddles, a short film series WHY? and a children’s music DVD, Sing and Play, along with other television commercials and documentaries broadcast on TVNZ, TV3 Prime TV, Maori TV and Cue television.

Following on from this, our creative team has spent the past 12 months developing a film, with the working title, Inheritance. (Formally Rites of Passage) intended for theatrical release in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. We hope you catch the vision and come on the journey, through the support of the Inspired Film Fund.