baby noel


‘Waiting for Baby Noel’ is the inspirational story of a nation rallying to help Doctor Jared Noel meet his baby daughter before dying of cancer. In just 48 hours, over $100,000 was raised through social media for the medication ‘Avastin’ in the hope that Jared could beat the clock and hold his newborn daughter in his arms.

Having been diagnosed with bowel cancer just 11 months after being married, Jared and Hannah had to wrestle through many deep questions of life, death, healing and suffering. The decision to have a child wasn’t easy, nor taken lightly. Nor did they expect to be told that a serious turn in Jared’s health made it unlikely for him to live long enough.

This is a story of love, faith and perseverance through suffering. It’s a beautiful love letter written from a dying father to his daughter – what he thinks of her, what he wishes he could tell her and the journey he has been on. It’s a powerful story that’s only months away from being ready for release.