What We View, We Become

We’ve all heard the term ‘GIGO’; garbage-in, garbage-out! We know its true in the computer world, but for some reason we ignore its truth when it comes to what we take in through our senses. For example, our world is becoming more violent. Violence only breeds violence; from schoolgirl bullying to nations responding to violence with further acts of violence. What helps feed this violence? Admit it or not, it’s partly fed by the violent movies on our screens. Sadly, many other negative qualities of our societies are also enhanced by some films’ content.

Through The IFF We Can Make A Difference

By changing content to make it more positive and uplifting, and by joining forces to help fund such content, we can make a difference. That’s why theĀ Inspired Film Fund (IFF) was established. The fund is a powerful, tax-efficient method of helping fund filmmakers who are producing entertaining, positive and uplifting films.