Once again in 2016, the NZ Young Film Makers Competition has given all New Zealand school-age kids the chance to create a 5-minute film that is entertaining, positive and uplifting. WATCH THE 2016 RESULTS SHOW at Good TV . See the prizewinners announced, watch their short films, meet the judges, and hear some cool tips from them.

nz young film makers competition

What Have The Film-makers Made?

Any original short drama or mini documentary (under 5 minutes in length) that is entertaining, positive and uplifting.



Thanks to our sponsors we are proud to have notified our winners of the following prizes:

1. $1,000 cash for each Age Category winner (Primary, Intermediate & High School) sponsored by…






2. $500 cash Hamilton Award for the “most engaging storyline” (best screen play) sponsored by…

3. $600 Sharp dollars  for Best Cinematography Award sponsored by…


4. $500 cash Peoples’ Choice Award


5. New in 2016: $500 cash Award for the Best Acting Performance



Hammond Peek and Gerard Smyth are back with us for 2016. Joining them is Walter Neilands.

Both Hammond and Gerard have extensive, award-winning film making experience. Hammond, a sound engineer, has won an Oscar and numerous Academy Awards for his work in King Kong and Lord of the Rings!

Gerard is an ex TVNZ cameraman who is now a highly skilled documentary maker.  In 2012 he was awarded “Best Director Documentary” at the New Zealand Television Awards!

For the last 6 years Walter has been successful in the TV industry as a writer and presenter. He’s best known as a presenter on Sticky TV, which showcases his great rapport with kids and boundless energy. In TV3’s Cadbury Dream Factory, Walter’s part of a team who surprise New Zealanders with extraordinary moments to capture the heart of the nation.


nz young film makers competition

Aims of the Competition

  1. To entertain
  2. To encourage New Zealand school-age children and teenagers to express themselves through the art of inspirational film-making
  3. To encourage New Zealand school-age children and teenagers to contribute towards making our communities better places through conveying positive messages 
  4. To provide good role models for young filmmakers
  5. To provide the winning schools and individuals with useful prizes
  6. To raise awareness of the IFF


nz young film makers competition

  • Entries Opened: Wednesday 1 June 2016.
  • Entries closed: Friday 29 July, 5pm
  • Judging: Monday 15 – Wednesday 31 August
  • Peoples Choice Award Voting Opens: Monday 15 August (on this date you and your mates can go online and vote for the best films)
  • Peoples Choice Award Voting Closes: Wednesday 31 August
  • Winners Announced & Prizes Awarded: Wednesday 21 September, 5.00pm on Good TV.


nz young film makers competition    nz young film makers competition    nz young film makers competition