We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve now chosen our launch project. The trustees have agreed to fund the development phase of the feature film Inheritance which is being produced by Creation Films, one of our production company partners that produced our very cool branding videos. You can contribute to the funding of this project by clicking on the donate button below. For more information, click here to read the film synopsis. We’re currently raising funds for the project under two categories:

Phase One: Initial Development
Funding Target: $50,000
The initial development phase of the film. Providing funds for this phase will allow the producers to finish developing the script, begin searching for viable locations and talk to agents and distributors about casting and future screening opportunities for the film.

Phase Two: Production
Funding Target: $400,000
It may seem a lot of money – but producing a quality feature film for this amount is actually a very hard task, especially when you consider that most films that hit our screens cost well in excess of $10-$20 million. Our funding focus is very much on films that have small budgets, which give a good chance of returning our investment – this allows us to further our work and create films with a positive message that impact our society for good. Don’t be put off by the amount – we’re not! We know that if only 800 people gave $500 each then the funding question is solved! No matter how large or small your donation, every little helps.

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